Month: December 2013

Two New Christmas Gifts at Zuri Rayna Jewelry For Him & Her

Make sure you grab the newest Christmas gifts that have been put out at the store.  You would not want to miss them as they are out for a limited time.

Mens Christmas Gift Panther tooth Choker by Zuri Christmas Gift from Zuri Rayna Jewelry


Huge Sale on Santa Baby Outfits and Jewels

The holiday season is just about over, but don’t let that stop you from picking up this adorable outfit at half off.  While you are there make sure to snag the jewelry that goes with it.  For a limited time they are being offered at 50% OFF!!!  You better hurry down to the store before this sale goes away!

Santa Baby Elite Jewels White Pearl NSP Santa Baby Complete Set (Pink & Silver)

Mermaid Treasure’s Holiday Exclusive’s on Jewels Isle

Currently there are three new exclusive releases at Mermaid Treasure’s Holiday Window on the boardwalk, located next to NSP Florals.  From now until January 2nd you can pick up Pearlesque Mermaids in Pastel shades of Blue, Green and Pink for $499L.  Now is a great time to get a set to let the inner mermaid out.

MTBPearlesqueGreenMermaid MTBPearlesqueBlueMermaid 


Two great designers one collaborative outfit!

Recently Norena Soir of NSP Florals & Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s Design teamed up to make one very stunning creation.  If you have not heard of the Shiran Gown you are missing out.  Currently there is a special running from both designers.  When you purchase a full priced gown you get the Shiran Bronze Gown for FREE…..But it does not stop there.  When you purchase an NSP Shran Orchid & Black Calla Gown attachment your will get the Shiran Bronze Flower attachment for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!  This means you could have TWO gowns with TWO flower attachments for the price of ONE!  You should feel special when wearing the bronze gown as it is not being sold.  You can only get this color gown through this limited offer.  We do not know how long this offer will last, so you should head over now!  Shiran Gown Price:  499 L Shiran Flowers Price: 299 L

Zuri Rayna~ Norena Star~ChristmasPIC SAS - Shiran Crimson NSP Florals - Shiran Moss NSP Florals - Shiran Crimson

New Jewls at Zuri’s

We have some wonderful new jewelry out at the store.  Come find some great jewelry for that special someone in your life.  All jewelry (except free items) is transferable.  As a group member of  Zuri Reyna Jewelry members get a 25% refund (after purchase) on the  first and second floors only when wearing group tags.  At Christmas time this can amount to a great deal in savings.  Both Norena Star sets that are pictured are $549L while the Tennis set is $599L.  Make sure you head in soon to catch the 12 days of Christmas hunt.

Norena Star Boulder Opal Green Creme Pearl Zuri Rayna~ Norena Star~ChristmasPIC Tennis Jewelry Set Onyx Sparkle