Month: January 2014

Jewels Isle PinkaLicious

What is PinkaLicious you ask?  It  is the most amazing 50% off Sale!!!!!!!  January 29th to February 19th~look for the pink hearts to show which merchants are participating.  Find one or more items marked at half price by the Pink Hearts. Some are exclusively to Jewels Isle ♡

Your tax awaits:

Here is a sampling of what is available.

Pinkalicious Sales Jewels Isle 50% Off Upscale Shops

Blacklace-Coquette50% Blacklace-Diane50% Blacklace-incorrigible50% Blacklace-lascivous50% Blacklace-LYHO50% Blacklace-maia50% Blacklace-Rapture50% Blacklace-Revealing-50% Blacklace-Starlight50%   scorpio heels Forever 14K Gold Diamonds by Zuri Rayna Forever Ruby Diamond 14K Gold Four Seasons Clock detail Four seasons ClockWoodland Table and flowersRomance PatioMND DANIELLE Romance Pinkhyacinthred LEONARDO2  MTB After Tails - Pomegranate NSP Angel's Grace Floral Veil & Crown (Valentine) PH_Eternal_AD Pink Jewel copy  SAS - Barbi Glitter Pink SAS - Darling Pink SAS - L'Amour Pink SAS - NewYork Pink  sf design june bridesmaid dress pink sf design june tux with tails -pink@600@mens formal Tres Beau Ava, Pink Mink Tres Beau Zara Pink box shia Pinkalicious


Dreaming of the perfect wedding and the perfect gown

That time of year is upon us. It’s wedding season! Every one loves a great wedding. It can’t be a great wedding with out a great gown. Make your wedding moment special in this elegant bridal gown! It has a figure hugging cut and open back, a beautiful, flowing flexi skirt, train and veil. Sleeves and front piece are adorned with lacy flowers and star-shaped gems. You can wear it in different ways – as a pencil wedding dress and with or without train. Estelle lace comes in three colors with a demo available for white color.

DANIELLE AD EstelleBridalWhite with EvaLuxury

What every girl wants

Do you know what every girl wants?  Well its really simple……to be loved.  We show love by the actions we show towards them.  Let your actions speak volumes when you go to NSP Florals and pick up the NEW One Dozen Long Stem Roses for Valentines Day!  Give the Classic gift this Valentines Day! Only $299L until the big day! Reg $499L  You can even give these flowers as gifts when having a baby as we have “It’s a Boy” & “It’s a Girl” Dozen Roses!  Send Norena Soir note card if you would like to request a custom color. There is an extra $100L fee for custom texturing.

NSP One Dozen Long Stem Roses (Dusty Rose) Boxed NSP One Dozen Long Stem Roses (Red) Boxed NSP One Dozen Long Stem Roses (Sapphire) Boxed Snapshot _ Zuri's Jewelry Mainstore~Premier Shopping Mall~Valen

Did you know we have Fifty5L sales on the sim?

This week we have amazing fifty5 L sales going on.

NSP has out three items out this week.  The first two items are a boutonniere and hair pieces.  These come in two different unique flower/color options and are unisex.  The last item is the NSP Victorian Rose Top Hat in Burgundy.

Zuri Rayna Jewelry has out the Trillian Ruby Necklace and Necklace each for 55L.  Plus there is the Aztec Dreams Belly Jewel that is gem change and the Griffin Pendant Pink Gold Violet.

For 55L each you better run to pick up these savings.

NSP Unisex Calla Lily Boutonniere Hair P Black boxedPIC NSP Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere Hair Piece Fuschia boxedPIC NSP Victorian Rose Top Hat (M) (Burgundy)Aztec Dreams Belly Jewel Gemchange~Zuri Jewelry  Trillian Ruby Earrings by Zuri Rayna Jewelry Griffin Pendant Pink Gold VioletTrillian Ruby Necklace

Steals and Deals @ Jewels Isle

This weekends steals and deals are all over our sim.

Zuri Rayna Jewelry is gearing up towards Valentines Day.  With these prices you can purchase the sets now and get twice the amount of jewelry for your loved one.  We promise we will keep the secret on the price you paid.  First, we have the Heart of the Sea set being offered in two colors.  These are the Heart of the Sea Topaz Gold and Heart of the Sea Amethyst Twilight Midnight which are $349L each.  When this stunning set is not on sale you can find it in the shop for $625L each.  We still have the Eternal diamond ring set or the Humming Opal ring from last week at 50% off.

Secondly, NSP has some wonderful things out.  The NSP Starburst Gown in Sapphire is on special for $299L and is normally $699L .  While the NSP Lady Flora in Opal Blue Goldstone Amethyst is $249L and is normally $499L.  Lastly, we have the NSP Santa Baby Complete Set (Pink & Silver).  This lists for at a normal price of $899L.  Can you believe that it’s really out for sale at $299L for a limited time.  It is such a steal you can purchase it and tuck it in your inventory for next year or any time you might want to sit on Santa’s Lap.

heart of the sea amethyst twilight midnight Heart of the Sea Light Topaz Gold

NSP Starburst Gown in Sapphire NSP Lady Flora in Opal Blue Goldstone Amethyst boxed

NSP Santa Baby Complete Set (Pink & Silver)

Dangle Me Beautiful Set

This new set just came out.  Dangle Me Beautiful is sold in a variety of different colors.  Zuri Rayna just released it in an Elite collection.  You know what this means don’t you?  That’s its color change now, so you can have all the sets in one.  If you still want to buy individual colors don’t worry they are there as well.  A single color is $299L while the Elite $599L.  As always Zuri Rayna Jewelry members get a 25% refund (after purchase) on the  first and second floors only when wearing group tags.

Dangel Me Beautiful Elite (Metal & Gemchange)