Month: March 2014

News from Jewels Isle

We have some new releases to share with you. We have also made some slight changes to our blog and y0u can find all the girls that are blogging for both Zuri Rayna Jewelry & NSP Florals.

Sarah Onyx Strawberry Gold Sarah Azul 14K Gold by Zuri Rayna

These Sarah sets are both on sale for $249 each. It comes with a necklace, ear rings and a very lovely looking bracelet.

Zuri Rayna~Pyramid Mesh Ring & Matching Elite Bangles Dove Elite Engagement Ring Gemchange

The Pyramid Mesh Ring with matching Bangles is Zuri’s newest release. It comes in Elite version but also separate colors are available. Last but not least, the Dove Ring. Another new release by Zuri’s. The ring is available in separate colors or in the Elite version.

 NSP April Group Gift for Easter

NSP Florals has released a lovely Easter bouquet filled with peony’s, gems and baby breathe. The bouquet is finish on the bottom in soft silk fabric. Very soon NSP Florals will release this bouquets in a ray of different colors, very much worth checking out.

Some other great deals from Designers on Jewels Isle are:

Sascha Designs

Sascha Designs has 9 different black dresses on sale ranging from 99LD to 199LD

SAS - Penzance Black

Kaerri’s Mesh Furnishings

All 50% OFF! Close OUTS!  Don’t Miss these awesome deals!

Romance Patio

Marianela’s Newness

DIANA2 white

Son!a Luxury Fashion

 Come find the great sales going on amazing gowns!

box gemini & tracy August

Tres Beau

Tres Beau Savoir, olive

Styles by Danielle

New mesh dress “Ellie” comes in different design patterns – plain, polka dot and Spring version that has changeable frills via HUD. This dress is perfect for coming warmer days. It caries a retro feeling with frills and trumpet sleeves and for those more conservative we have included a tintable undershirt.
DEMO is available.

DANIELLE Ellie Spring Azure

BlackLace Lingerie

Blacklace has 9 different outfits 50% OFF ! Below a sneak peak of one of them.



New 55L this week

The new 55L are now out.  Zuri Rayna Jewelry has out the Sarah Head piece in both Azul 14K Gold and Onyx Strawberry Gold.  Also out are the Cherry Wine Orchid.  For NSP Florals we also have three items out.  They include the Elegant Rose Bowl in Blue, the Hibiscus Hair Flower in Red and the Orchid Ivy Hair Piece in  Purple Passion.  As you know these deals only last for a week, so hurry in and get yours.

Your ride:

Josephine Hoops Cherry Wine Orchid Sarah HeadPiece Azul 14K GoldSarah HeadPiece Onyx Strawberry GoldNSP Elegant Rose Bowl (Blue)PICNSP Hibiscus Hair Flower Red boxedPICNSP Orchid Ivy Hair Piece (Purple Passion) boxedPIC 

55L Deals out this week……….

We have some great deals for you out on the sim this week.  At Zuri Rayna Jewelry we have the Starts of the Syn Ankle Bracelet in two colors.  It is just in time for spring dresses and summer swim suits.  The Mothers Love earrings in amber/gold are also set out.  Over at NSP Florals we have the Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere in three different colors.  This can be worn on a lapel or in your hair.  Makes sure you head over to grab these deals before they are gone.

Your ride:

Stars of Syn Copper Peridot AnkletStars of Syn Anklet Peridot SilverML earrings  short Amber GoldNSP Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere (Baby Pink)NSP Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere (Butter)NSP Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere (Sky Blue)

New Dress @ Poet’s Heart

We have a wonderful new dress out at Poet’s Heart.  Nenime has five available colors at the Jewel’s Isle store.  They include dying light, evergreen, midwinter sun, midwinter sunset and northern lights.  This dress is being sold for the amazing price of $250L.

Here is you ride:




Three New Releases at Zuri Rayna Jewelry

We have three new releases out at the store.  The first release is the Green Opal Embrace and Forever Sets for $525L.  The second release is the Czarina Collection Black Diamond/Onyx/Pearl which comes with a bracelet, necklace and earrings for $625L.

As always Zuri Rayna Jewelry members get a 25% refund when purchasing jewelry (after purchase) on the first and second floors only when wearing group tags.

They can be found here:

Embrace Green Opal by Zuri Rayna Forever Green Opal Chocolate Diamond Forever Green Opal Diamond Gold by Zuri Rayna Zuri Rayna~Czarina Collection Blk Dia_Black Onyx Blk PearlPIC

It’s That Time Of The Week Again For 55L

We have some great new deals out for our 55L specials @ Jewels Isle starting at midnight tonight.  Zuri Rayna Jewelry has three different Josephine Hoop Earrings out.  They include the earring in Blood Orchid, Pear Orchid and Tiger Orchid.   NSP Florals also has new goodies out.  We have the Gardenia Wrist Corsage in Black/Navy/Blue, the Elegant Rose Bowl in Pink and  the Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere Hair Piece in Lavender.  Take a look at the pictures below to find out what piece you want to grab at just 55L.

You can find them all here:  Your ride:

Josephine Hoop Earrings Blood Orchid Josephine Hoop Earrings Pear Orchid Josephine Hoop Earrings Tiger Orchid NSP Elegant Rose Bowl (Baby Pink) boxedPIC NSP Gardenia Wrist Corsage (BLK Navy Blue)PIC NSP Unisex Two Rose Boutonniere Hair Piece Lavender boxedPIC