Are you ready for Easter? We are!

Jewels Isle Easter Hunt Poster (2)

 From April 11th till April 21st Jewels Isle is running the “Easter Egg Hunt”.

Participating stores in the hunt are mentioned above.

Forever Sapphire Onyx-Sterling 2014 Easter Egg Hunt

Zuri Rayna will share these wonderful items in the hunt, put into 5 different eggs on the picture above and below

Diadem Sapphire Sterling Easter Egg hunt 2014

NSP Jewels Isle Easter Hunt Gift

NSP Florals has made this Easter in Bloom Spring Hat especially for the hunt

SAS - Aliana Pink (Hunt)

Sascha Designs is participating with her Aliana Pink Gown


Mermaid Treasures hunt item is called Sweet Celia Mesh Mermaid

huntergift zuri  Marianela

Complete outfit my Marianela’s

DANIELLE Presage Olive 1L$ (Easter Hunt at Zuri's)

The presage Olive by Styles by Danielle, an outfit that comes in different styles


Beautiful mesh Nenime gown by Poet’s Heart

sf design bunny costume pic (easter hunt gift)

SF designs, get you’re bunny on and a cute dress for us girls

zuri easter hunt

Last but not least, Kaerri shares the Easter Decorations as her hunt item. Such a cute hunt item!


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