Month: May 2014

Steals & Deals and My Secret 60L sale items for this weekend!

Ready for some great deals? First of all, here at Zuri Jewelry we have our countdown item for you which is the Akoya Black Pearls. This item is normally 625L and now for sale for 279L.

Zuri Rayna~Akoya Black Pearls CollectionPIC 279_625 countdown
Below are Zuri Jewelry’s Steals & Deals

Moon Necklace Set-Shazza-Zuri Rayna Jewelry S&D 499-249
The Moon set normally priced at 499L, now for sale for 249L.

These are the items by NSP Florals for her Steals & Deals. All the items are regularly priced at 499L, now for sale for 199L.

NSP Lady Flora in Red Jasper & Black Diamond S&D 499-199L

NSP Lady Flora Crown in Violet & Gold (boxed)S&D 499-199L

NSP Flower Child Hair Wreath Cream Shasta boxed S&D 499-199L
NSP Florals items for My Secret 60L are listed below.

NSP Gothic Sky Rose Arm Bouquet (boxed copy)60L
NSP Indgo Rose Arm Bouquet (boxed) 60L
NSP Pale Pink Rose Arm Bouquet (boxed) 60L


New Releases and Special Sales on Jewels Isle

Zuri Rayna Jewelry is about to release a mouthwatering piece of jewelry and I wanted to share that with the readers of this blog. It’s not in store yet but will be the next 48 hours. I’m showing you the brushed Gold Green Boulder Opal but Zuri will release 6 different colors of the Metal Moon set.

Brushed Gold-Green Boulder Opal Moon-Zuri Rayna Jewelry
NSP Florals has released an amazing amount of boutonnieres and wrist corsages recently in 34 colors. Why so many? To give you as a customer that choice. The flower that she has used for these items is a beautifully handcrafted rose. Her most stunning rose yet. Below I’m showing you 2 examples of her work. To see all her colors click here.

NSP Love In Bloom Boutonniere (Turquoise)
NSP Love In Bloom Wrist Corsage (What a Peach)

Zoz has been with us for a couple of weeks now and she has a special sale going on for her SLink High Shoes. You can be the owner of these shoes for only 100LD each.

-{ZOZ}- Angel Heels - Violet Pix
-{ZOZ}- Tiffany Heels - Radiant Orchid Pix

Styles by Danielle has recently released her Cornelia gown which you can wear with Wowmeh appliers. The gown comes in 11 colorful colors. Below one example of one.

DANIELLE Cornelia Crimson

Steals & Deals and My Secret 60L Weekend

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

We are starting of with our count down vendor at Zuri Rayna Jewelry which has 3 more days on it. For 299L this set can be yours.

Laci Collection Black Dia Citrine Count Down 299L
Then these are the Steals & Deals by Zuri Rayna Jewelry. These sets are normally 425L, now on sale for 199L.

Zuri Rayna~ Butterfly Dreams Pink Diamond Collection S&D 199L
Zuri's Butterly Dreams White Pearl_Lilac Collection S&D 199L.425L
NSP Florals has a bunch of great deals for you too. Beginning with her Steals & Deals.
These items normally costs 599L, now for sale for 249L.

NSP Black Calla Lily & Purple Orchid Dutch bouquet S&D 249
NSP Pink Calla Lilies & Tropical Orchid Dutch bouquet S&D 249.599
NSP Burgundy Calla & Stargazer Orchid Bouquet S&D 249
Last but not least, NSP Florals items for My Secret 60L.

NSP_Black_Calla_Lily___White_Orchid_Corsage 60L
NSP_Hibiscus_Hair_Flower_Green 60L
NSP_Wine_Roses___Cream_Pearls_Head_piece 60L