Month: July 2014

Week 31 New Sales items Zuri Jewelry

We have some very nice 55L Thursday and Steals & Deals items to share with you! Our 55L Thursday items are available as of midnight tonight SLT.

55L Thursday

Sprials Earrings-Onyx Topaz
Sprials Necklace-Onyx Topaz

Steals & Deals

This beautiful ring is normally priced at 699L and now for sale for only 349L

Infinity Ladies Wedding Rings Pink Diamond-Gold SD 699-349
The pendant below is an Elite version. So extra nicely priced. Normally you pay 525L for this set and now it’s priced at 279L only.

Elite Eagle metal gemchange pendant Zuri Jewelry SD


New Release at Zuri Jewelry The Misti Sweet remastered

Zuri Jewelry has remastered her Misti Sweet set. You can buy it in the Elite version or in separate colors. The nose piece of this set can be bought separately. Good to know, we have the Misti Sweet in Emerald discounted for this week. Just follow the previous blog for more information.

Misty Sweet Elite V2

Misty Sweet Elite Nose Piece

New Merchants, new releases.. News from Jewels Isle

Jewels Isle welcomes 2 new merchants by the name of Ba! and Adriatic. Both merchants are also participating in the cart sales so be sure to check those out. As a welcome sale Ba! has a pair of great looking wedges for the ladies for only 50L. The shoes on the 2nd picture are priced differently.

ba!Mesh Wedge Sandals Basic 50L special

ba!Mesh Side Strap Sandal-Example Colors


For those men who have been looking at our blog and wondering when we were finally going to have goodies for them as well…. That moment has arrived with Adriatic.

ADRIATIC line Mesh Mens Hoodie Red with T-Shirt _3 Colors_

ADRIATIC line Mesh Mens Trail Boots Dark Brown

Sascha Designs

New Releases available at Jewels Isle by Sascha Designs! Sascha is now also participating in the Cart Sales so make sure to check those out.

SAS - Bedazzle Seafoam
SAS - Maelie Blush

Ever An’ Angel

New releases by Ever An’ Angel including their 200L complete look

Ever's Complete Corner Outfit 200L
Ever An' Angel - Nouveau Elegance - Lapis

Week 30 New Release & Sales items Zuri Jewelry

Hello Everyone! It’s almost time for yet another round of great 55L Thursday deals and Steals & Deals. But before we tell you all about that, we are sharing our latest release with you, the Anchors Away Elite Set.

Anchors Away Elite (Metal & Gemchange) Necklace & Earrings

The 55L Thursday items will be available tonight midnight and the Steals & Deals as of Thursday midnight.

55L Thursday items

Anchors Away Diamond-Brushed Pink Metals Earrings 55L
Anchors Away Diamond-Brushed Pink Metals Necklace 55L

Steals & Deals

This set is normally priced at 525L and now for sale for only 262L.

Misty Sweet Emerald Light Gold Collection 525-262

This nosering is normally priced at 299L and now for sale for only 99L.

Sweet Misty Nose Piece-Emerald-Light Gold 299-99

New Releases on Jewels Isle…

A couple of our merchants have placed new items on Jewels Isle worth checking out.

Poet’s Heart.

This amazing gown comes in 18 different colors and as usual you can expect great quality from Poet’s Heart.

Styles by Danielle

Both items below are a new release and come in 6 different colors. These items were made to match each other.

DANIELLE Aviva Black
Ever an’ Angel

Looking for an affordable outfit for 200LD? Look no further.

Ever An’ Angel – Tangier’s Tank Top – Sand
Ever An’ Angel – Nepal Skirt – Saffron
Ever An’ Angel – OC Strappy Silk Sandals – Wheat (for Slink Mid feet)
Ever An’ Angel – Sol Fete Jewelry – Hazelnut Kaffe
Tone – Sirens Faces – Bewitch
Tone – Omni Mani & Pedi Duo HUD – Buff (tone 2)

Quix Complete Corner 200L

Super Cart Sales on Jewels Isle starting with 99L items

Courtyard Sales
Hello Everybody,

Jewels Isle is holding it’s annual cart sales! This means bargains galore starting at 99L per item. We are showing you some of the 99L items in todays blog by the participating merchants. Since we couldn’t post all the pictures on the blog, make sure to check out the carts on the sim because they are fully stacked!

Zuri Jewelry

Hearts of Fire Black Diamond Pink Gold ZURI
Brushed Metal Bangles Blue Steel _ Steel ZURI

Poet’s Heart

Poet's Heart - Shamandalie - Evergreen Glade
Poet's Heart - Wayfarer - Crystal Lake

-{ZOZ}- Tiffany Socks - Fat Pack pix
-{ZOZ}- Tiffany Velvet Polish Pix


Phoebe-Peach BLACKLACE
Phoebe-Violet BLACKLACE
Styles by Danielle

DANIELLE Mims Pants Red
Mermaid Treasures

MTB Enthral Mermaid in Red
MTB Nile Princess

SF Designs

sf design cassidy bikini and cover up gold
sf design corinne beachwear - orange
Ever ‘an Angel

Ever An' Angel - By The Sea Set 2014 - Lagoon
Ever An' Angel Doodle Garden Set - Caribbean

Son!a Haute Couture

box alexia blk red

week 29 Sales Specials Zuri Jewelry

This week we have a lot of exciting stuff going on Jewels Isle. We have Cart Sales going on, many new releases by our merchants but that will be blogged the coming days.

Today we are sharing the 55L Thursday items and Steals & Deals for this week with you. Please note that the 55L Thursday items will be available as of midnight tonight and the Steals & Deals on Thursday midnight.

55L Thursday items:

Egyptian SunV2 Earrings Gold2 55L
Egyptian SunV2 Earrings Lavander 55L
Egyptian SunV2 Earrings Pink 55L

Steals & Deals items:

The Czarina Peacock is the newest release by Zuri Jewelry and we have this set greatly discounted for you. Regularly priced at 625L. Now available for only 299L.

Czarina Peacock Black Diamond Emerald Mocha 625 to 299L

The bracelet is normally of the Czarina Peacock is normally 249L. Now discounted for only 99L.

Zuri Rayna~Czarina Peacock Bracelet-Black Dia-Emerald-Mocha 249L to 99L