New Merchant on Jewels Isle “Jazzitude”

We have a new merchant on Jewels Isle! Jazzitude is the name and you can find her at the vendor stalls at the back part of the sim.

We have a brand new release at the Jewel Isle location only in celebration of jazzitude’s grand opening.


$L100 (more than 1/2 off retail price).
normally will be $L249

“Carrie’s Serenity” is a rigged mesh gown that can be worn with or without the flexi prim skirt. It also includes system layer white gloves (left modify so you can tint them), sculpted poof sleeves and a bow for the back. All of these are optional because the dress is beautiful in it’s simplicity too.

The first release is in blue… and her favorite shade of blue (Tiffany Blue of course!). It’s a formal gown but built with summer events in mind! It is a color blocked gown with white upper and a black & white ribbon under the bust.

Then, for the Cart Sales that we still have running at Jewels Isle Jazzitude is participating with the following items.

jazzitdueBarbaraBikini_Nautical_PIC jazzitdueBarbaraBikini_Strawberry Daiquiri_PIC

Two new releases that are exclusive at the cart sale (during the month of August).
$L99 each (1/2 off retail price).

Barbara is a rigged mesh bikini on a texture HUD. You get 4 tops and 4 bottoms. You can mix and match easily. Want to wear stripes with polka dots? You got it…
These two color combinations for the cart sale are called “Nautical” (red with white and some navy blue) and “Strawberry Daiquiri” (pretty bright pink with white and a hint of lime green).


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