Month: September 2014

News by our merchants Ever An’ Angel, Son!a Luxury Fashion and Styles by Danielle


200L Complete Corner Outfit! See below!

A gentle breeze washes over me in the morning, as Autumn is making its presence known. The excitement builds as I begin my day. I can’t wait to show off this fabulous, festive fall outfit at work… or is it the excitement of coming home and cozying up in my outfit with a good book? Oh well, I can’t decide because both sound great.

Artisan Sweater in Moonlit
Embellished Skirt in Midnight
2013 Celtic Suede Ankle Boots in Indigo
Rich Colours Nails in Rambuten
Tone Autumnal Eye Makeup in Smoke Firefly
Tone Autumnal Lipstick in Matte Bittersweet
Q- Sept Corner 2014


box chess black
box joy slender black-medusa
box miss scarlet red


New release Charlotte available in several colors. One version comes with slink glove appliers.

DANIELLE Charlotte Black

DANIELLE Charlotte Blue

DANIELLE Charlotte Pink


Week 39 Sales Specials Zuri Jewelry

This week we have got some really nice special priced items for you! Let’s start of with our 55L Thursday items. These will be available as soon as midnight tonight.




The necklace and earrings on the picture below are normally priced at 799L and now for sale for only 399L.


The Tiara on the picture below is normally priced at 499L and now for sale for only 175L.


Last but not least the tikki head piece on the picture below is normally priced at 449 and now for sale for only 199.


Updates Jewels Isle Merchants Sascha Designs & Ever An’ Angel

Both Sascha Designs (who has a big fashion show this coming Saturday at 12.00 pm SLT) as Ever An’ Angel have updated their stores on Jewels Isle. Below some previews of the items you can purchase.


All the designs below are available in a ray of different color options.

SAS - Carmen WhitePink & ChocoPink
SAS - Claudia No. 1 HUD Skirt
SAS - Ottilie Champagne Moss
SAS - Amour No. 1 HUD Dress
SAS - Moniqa HUD Dress
SAS - Yael No. 1 Tops

SAS - Jesa Black
SAS - Zahara Tan


The designs shown below are available in a ray of different colors.

Ever An' Angel - Sunday Afternoon - Blouse & Skinny Jeans - map

Ever An' Angel Spell Weaver's Tunic& Leggins - Mystic

Ever An' Angel - Crisp Autumn Day - Wrap Cardi Outfit - Evening
Ever An' Angel - Autumn Silk Gown - Copper

New Release Fashion by Zuri… and yes it is by the same Zuri

Zuri has ventured into something new. Besides making jewelry, making other accessories and fashion have always been her passion. With her first release under Fashion by Zuri we have SLink heels to share with you that are for the SLink High feet.

Below we show you a couple of examples with and without bows. Where can you find these shoes? At Zuri Jewelry main store.

Forever Heels-Pink NS-V2-FBZ
Heels- Forever Chocolate No Straps FBZ
Heels Forever Coal- FBZ SLinks High
Heels- Forever Coal No Straps FBZ
Heels Forever Emerald-FBZ Slink High
Heels- Forever No Straps Blue
Heels Forever Purple-NS-High SLinks FBZ
Heels- Forever Ruby with Bows & Straps
Heels- Forever Slink Olive- FBZ
Heels- Forever Turquoise No Straps FBZ
Heels Forever Turquoise- SLink High FBZ
Heels Forever White NS-High Slinks- FBZ

News from merchant NSP Florals on Jewels Isle

NSP Florals is holding a special sale! She had recently released the Lady Gwynevere Crown on several events and these beauties are now in store.

You can find them at the back of the store on two lovely displays. ONLY $249, reg will be $399. Below we give you an example of a couple of colors.

NSP Lady Gwynevere (Amethyst) BOXED
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Crimson Bride) boxed
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Emerald Isles) boxed
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Monochrome) boxed

 NSP Florals also has a new group gift out! This is a must grab so come on down to Jewels Isle to get yours.

NSP September Group Gift

New Release Madrid Collection by Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry has released a beautiful set called the Madrid. We will be releasing it as of tomorrow September 12th.

The Madrid Set is mesh and comes in a wide variety of colors. Instead of giving you a preview to a couple of colors, we have decided to show you all the colors made by Zuri thus far.

So what does this beautiful set costs? It’s 525L for non group members and 393L for the ones that are in our group.

Madrid Jewelry Set- Amethyst Beryl-Olive-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Azul-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Crimson-Onyx-Sterling

Madrid Jewelry Set- Emerald-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set Fushia-Jade-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Plum-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Ruby-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Coral-Mother Pearl-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Crimson-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Jaded Steel
Madrid Jewelry Set-Peridot-Grape-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-PinkFire Opal-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Sapphire Quartz-Steel
Madrid Jewelry Set-Turquosie Sterling V2
Madrid Jewelry Set-Turquosie Sterling Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Madrid Olive Gold Jewelry Set