New Release Madrid Collection by Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry has released a beautiful set called the Madrid. We will be releasing it as of tomorrow September 12th.

The Madrid Set is mesh and comes in a wide variety of colors. Instead of giving you a preview to a couple of colors, we have decided to show you all the colors made by Zuri thus far.

So what does this beautiful set costs? It’s 525L for non group members and 393L for the ones that are in our group.

Madrid Jewelry Set- Amethyst Beryl-Olive-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Azul-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Crimson-Onyx-Sterling

Madrid Jewelry Set- Emerald-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set Fushia-Jade-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Plum-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set- Ruby-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Coral-Mother Pearl-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Crimson-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Jaded Steel
Madrid Jewelry Set-Peridot-Grape-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-PinkFire Opal-Gold
Madrid Jewelry Set-Sapphire Quartz-Steel
Madrid Jewelry Set-Turquosie Sterling V2
Madrid Jewelry Set-Turquosie Sterling Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Madrid Olive Gold Jewelry Set


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