New release Zuri Jewelry “the Noel Collection”

Chill in the Air and holiday shopping all around! How exciting to see something new just for that special occasion!! Noel Jewelry Collection has now been released! Beautiful rich colored gems accented with the festive poinsettia! The set comes with matching earrings and is available in separate colors as well as an Elite version.

Noel Elite-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

We have listed all our color options below so take a peek!

Noel Blue Ice-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Noel Champagne Gold-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Noel Emerald-Plum-Gold Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Noel Onyx-Diamond-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Noel Pink Opal-Silver-Jewelry by Zuri Rayna

Noel-Amber Champagne-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Noel-Black Amethyst-Antique-Peridot-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Noel-Emerald-Plum-Black Diamond

Noel-Olive Pearl-Gold-Ruby Set by Zuri Rayna

Noel-Ruby-Diamond-Silver Pearl-Zuri Rayna

Noel-Sapphire-Diamond-Silver Pearl


Noel-White Opal-Champagne-Zuri Rayna Jewelry


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