Month: December 2014

Our last weekly Sales Specials of this year

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is our last Sales Specials of this year. The next ones will be posted on January 1st in 2015 so we have got a lot of deals for you to end this year with. (The 55’s are available as of Wednesday 10.00 pm and the Steals & Deals at Thursday 10.00 pm).

55L Thursday

Czarina Peacock Bracelet Diamond-White-Sterling Czarina Peacock Bracelet-Black Amethyst

Czarina Peacock Bracelet-Ruby Black Pearl

Zuri Jewelry- Hair Bobble Amber Gold

Zuri Jewelry- Hair Bobble Dark Amethyst_Sterling 2

Zuri Jewelry-Hair Bobble ~ Aqua Marine

Steals & Deals

Santa Baby Elite Jewels White Pearl


Sale Price: L$225
Regular Price: L$650

Santa Baby White Flower Metal Changing

Sale Price: L$199
Regular Price: L$399

Czarina Peacock-Ruby-Sterling White Pearl

Sale Price: L$199
Regular Price: L$625

Czarina Peacock Diamond-White Pearl

Sale Price: L$199
Regular Price: L$625

Czarina Peacock Black Amethyst

Sale Price: L$199
Regular Price: L$625


New Releases at Zuri Jewelry

Right in time before we end 2014 with a bang. We have some amazing newness to share with you of which a new group gift as well.

Let’s start with our now available “Sari Elite Version”. Previously you could buy this set in separate colors but now you can buy it with a metal and gem change option.

Sari Elite-Pearl-Metals-Gemchange-Zuri Jewelry
Sari Tikki Elite

Sari Tiara Elite-Metal-Gems-Pearl Changing

We have also released the Infinity set in 4 different flavors.

Infinity Diamonds-Black-Necklace & Earrings Set

Infinity Diamonds-Gold Necklace & Earrings Set

Infinity Diamonds-Sterling-Necklace-Earrings set

Infinity Rubies-Gold-Zuri Jewelry
And last but not least, our Group Gift for our valued group members.
Happy Holidays everyone!

Noel Amethyst Diamond Group Gift

Update Merchant “Ever An’ Angel” Jewels Isle

It’s that time again folks! Ever ‘An Angel has a new corner out for 200L$ only!

Rhaeny's Complete Corner - December 15

A night of caroling and festive food with friends and neighbors.  Starting out in the warmth of the mohair shrug, I brave the cold to sing “Deck the Halls” only slightly off key but with great gusto  We come in laughing, reveling in the closeness of friends, and family.  I shrug out of the warm bolero and dance the night away, between glasses of eggnog and Aunt Sallies best pumpkin pie.  Happy Holidays!


We have a new round of 55’s and Steals & Deals for you. Our 55’s are in stores already. The Steals & Deals will be available as of 10:00 pm tonight.

So ladies and gentlemen, we listen when you give us suggestions. We have had so many request on creating a matching necklace for the Globe Moonstone ear rings that we have listed it below. So you can complete your set for only 55L! Isn’t that a nice price?


Globe Necklace-Blue Moonstone-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Forever Heels-Pink NS-V2-FBZ

Zuri Rayna~ Norena Bracelet Amber Black Pearl 2


So to keep matching the colors of Christmas, we have a couple of great deals for you!

Antique Pearls Olive Peridot by Zuri Rayna

The Antique Pearl Olive Peridot is normally for sale for 599L$ and now discounted to 299L$ only.

Czarina Ruby Black Pearl

The Czarina Ruby/Black is normally for sale for 625L$ and now discounted to 299L$ only.

French Kiss Xmas Edition Elite by Zuri Rayna

The French Kiss is normally for sale for 750L$ and now discounted to 349L$ only.

Deck The Halls Hunt and Cart Sales at Jewels Isle

Deck the Halls Poster

* °
˛° * 􀀒
* ° *
°_██_*。 °
˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°* °
.°( . • . ) ˛° .
*(…’•’.. ) *
♥°¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯`´¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯ ` ´¯˜”*°´¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯`´¯˜” *° – ♥

Happy Holidays from Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District!

From December 10th till January 1st 2015 Zuri Jewelry and some of the merchants of Jewels Isle are participating in The Deck the Halls Hunt and cart sales. All items on the carts are 50% discounted.


Winter Symphony-Diamond-Smoked Steel-Zuri Jewelry

The Winter Symphony is a hunt item and can be found in 3 separate boxes.

Zuri also has her cart filled with more than 15 items. Below we are showing you an example of 2 of them.

Noel Ruby-Crimson Set-Zuri Rayna

Infinity Diamonds-Gold Necklace & Earrings Set


DANIELLE Winter Hat And Scarf Blue (Zuri's Hunt)

Styles by Danielle has a scarf as hunt item and the boots are on the cart.

DANIELLE Denim Ankle Boots Mono (Zuri's Cart 50% off item)


NSP Deck the Halls Hunt Gift for Jewels Isle

The candelabra is NSP’s hunt item and below you will find some examples of her 22 items that are available in her cart.

NSP Jeweled Peony Sari Gown (Falu Red) boxed TransferPIC

NSP Hibiscus Hair Piece V2 (Gold -Burnt Orange) boxedPIC


all that jazz

All that Jazz is Marianela’s hunt item and below are some of her cart sales items.




SAS - Linda Moss

The Linda dress is the hunt item and the Sabine is her cart item.

SAS - Sabine Red


owl lamp -Kaerri

The cute Christmas lamp above is Kaerri’s hunt item. The full living room set below is her cart item.

xmas_red living room Kaerri



The newest release by Poet’s Heart is also her hunt item, how generous is that! Below 2 examples of her cart sales.

Poet's Heart - Aranel Inwen - Royal

Poet's Heart - Eleya's Song - Glade