Big update merchant “Ever ‘An Angel”

Ever ‘An Angel

Ever ‘An Angel has updated her store with a lot of newness.

Let’s start out with their new release “Midwinter Cloaks, Traveler’s Outfit and Gown”. All these items are available in different color options.

Midwinter Cloak 

Ever An' Angel Short Midwinter Cloaks - Ash

Ever An' Angel Long Midwinter Travel Cloaks - Aubergine

Traveler’s Outfit

Ever An' Angel Midwinter Traveler Set - hazelnut


Ever An' Angel Midwinter's Gown - Skylark

Ever ‘An Angel also released a new 200L Corner for you.

Jessa's Corner 1-11-15

This corner has been made by Jessa.  It’s perfect for cuddling up next to a warm winter fire and best of all it’s only 200L!  That includes, shoes, Tone make-up, Tone Mani/Pedi Omni Hud (for SLink hands) and of course the clothing too!  Take a gander!



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