New Release at Zuri Jewelry Belle Hearts and Valentines Set

Zuri Jewelry has released a couple of perfect Valentines Sets so make sure to come down to our main store to have an even closer peak at them.

The Valentine Set has been released as an Elite set.

Valentine Elite-Metal & Gemchange Set

The Belle Hearts set has been released in 11 beautiful color combinations as well as an Elite Version. We also have a beautiful color as our new group gift for our members.

Zuri Jewelry- Belle Heart Set-Valentines Group Gift

Belle Heart Elite-Metal-Gemchange Set

And below all available separate colors for the Belle Hearts set.

Belle Heart-Ruby-Onyx-Gold Set

Belle Heart- Chocolate-Citrine-Gold

Belle Heart- Pink Diamond-Pink Set

Belle Heart Set-Amethyst-Plum-Black

Belle Heart Set-Ruby-Pewter-Sterling

Belle Heart-Peridot-Black Diamond Set

Belle Heart-Sapphire-Gold Set

Belle Heart-Turquoise-Diamond Set

Belle Heart-Turquoise-Diamond-Copper

Belle Heart-Yellow Topaz-Onyx-Citrine Gold Set


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