Month: March 2015

Updates Merchants Sascha’s Designs, Ever ‘An Angel & Jumo Fashion on Jewels Isle

Sascha’s Designs


SAS - Athens Red

SAS - Atlanta Fuchsia

SAS - Chantal Black

New Releases

SAS - Alaria No. 1 Vendor

SAS - Firenze No. 2 Dress

If you purchase the outfit below called Pleasure Midnight, send Sascha frangilli  the transaction history and they can send to a friend or themselves, the Pleasure Midnight tuxedo. It comes in a male and female version.

SAS - Pleasure Midnight

Ever ‘An Angel

Ever ‘An Angel has a new group gift out! I can say by experience, this is a must have.

Ever An' Angel April Group Gift - Picnic Sun Dress

Also another 200L corner has been added yesterday.

Kass' Corner March 2015

Jumo Fashion

Jumo has released hair! And in all colors of the rainbow and beyond. Below I’m showing you 2 of them. All other colors can be found in her store on Jewels Isle.

Lolita Hair Browns

Lolita Hair Color Ombres


Our Annual Eater Egg Hunt is about to commence!

Jewels Isle Easter Egg Hunt Poster 2015

Dear Readers,

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt will start tomorrow till April 12th so come on down to Jewels Isle to grab all those amazing hunt items by participating stores.

Zuri Jewelry has 2 hunts going on. One for her group members only and one for the public. Hunt egg costs 10LD. The first set below is free for group members to hunt.

Zuri Jewelry

Hints: 1: It’s where you’d expect to find an Easter Egg. 2: You’re bright! 3: Journey past the griffin to find the egg. 4: You’re greatly loved, and not just on the third floor.

Easter Egg Hunt- Group- Serenity Zuri Jewelry

The set below by Zuri’s is for everyone to hunt and 10LD. All other hunt items by participating stores is listed below and is 10LD.

1: A tisket, a tasket, Easter’s in a basket. 2: It’s our gift to you. 3: Our Blogger Shazzy is OutStanding in her field. 4: Surprise! Finding this is a piece of ‘cake.

April Elite Jewelry Collection Easter Egg Hunt

Styles by Danielle

DANIELLE Bandana Red - Easter Hunt

Sascha’s Designs

SAS - Joan Orange

CST Designs

CST Designs Summer Breeze Hunt Gift

Oceane Body Designs

Oceane - Super Model lipstick_ Deep Red Gold

Jumo Fashion

Abyssinian Sandals Red

Marianela’s Art in Fashion


Ever ‘An Angel

Ever An' Angel - Blossom Blouse - Peach - Jewel Isle Hunt

Weekly Sales Specials Zuri Jewelry & Oceane Body Design

Since we are getting closer to Easter, Zuri Jewelry has some cute bunneh ears for you on her sales specials. Let’s start with our 55’s that are already available. The Steals & Deals will be available tonight 10 pm SLT.

55L Thursday

Zuri Jewelry

Bunny Tail & Ears Gemchange 2015

April V2 Earrings- Blue Opal-Chromium

Vintage Jewelled Hair Comb-Sterling-Aqua-Pink Opals

Oceane Body Design

Oceane - Dare Mix Shivadiva Eyeshadow

Oceane - Maude's lipstick 17

Steals & Deals

Zuri Jewelry

The price listed below is the same for both sets.

Sale Price: L$ 262
Regular Price: L$550

Misty Sweet Purple Parrot-Chrome

Misty Sweet Ruby Sterling

Updates Merchants Jewels Isle

We have 2 merchants who have updated their store the past week. Even ‘An Angel and Poet’s Heart. Let’s begin with Poet’s Heart.

Poet’s Heart

Poet’s Heart has released her 100% original mesh Morrigan gown to Jewels Isle and what a beauty this is. Morrigan is available in 14 colors.


Ever ‘An Angel

Ever ‘An Angel has updated her store with a new release AND a new 200L corner. Spring is in the air and you can sense that at Ever ‘An Angel.

Picture yourself strolling along a European seaside village taking in the warm delectable breezes in an outfit that makes you as gorgeous as the scenery around you!

Ever An’ Angel brings you Coastal Capris and Blouse Outfits in 9 sun-soaked shades and coordinating casual heels (sold separately)

Ever An' Angel - Coastal Capris & Blouse Outfit - Coral Reef

Ever An' Angel - Coastal Capris & Blouse Outfit - Sandstone

And last but certainly not least, the 200L corner! This is always one of my favorites to put on this blog because it’s renewed weekly and great for ladies with a budget.

Angel's Complete Corner March - 200L

Updates Merchants Jewels Isle

We have got a lot of updates from our merchants to share with you. In particular Ever ‘An Angel and Sascha’s Designs have done mega updates. Let’s start with CST Designs today.

CST Designs

The Bello dress below has been released in 8 new colors. Below 2 examples.



CST Designs also has this RFL items in her store on Jewels Isle.


Ever ‘An Angel

Besides all the beautiful outfits below, Ever ‘An Angel also has some new Slink Shoes. Make sure to have a peek at those too. All outfits below are shown in 2 different colors but come in 9 different colors total.

Ever An' Angel - Esplanade - Honey

Ever An' Angel - Esplanade - Sand

Ever An' Angel - Secret Garden Gown - Clover

Ever An' Angel - Secret Garden Gown - Delphinium

Ever An' Angel Lady's Linen Suit -Apricot

Ever An' Angel Lady's Linen Suit -sage

Ever An' Angel -Layered Silk Slip Dress - Lilac Bowl

Ever An' Angel -Layered Silk Slip Dress - Pistachio

And last but not least, the new 200L corner for Ever ‘An Angel.

Quix's Corner march 2015

While spring might be right around the corner, in some places, winter is holding on for dear life. With this in mind, I put together a cozy outfit warm enough for those cool days.

Wrapped in Cashmere Top – Fog
Midwinter Traveler Trousers – Pomme
Element Boots – Quicksilver
Tone – Fresh Faces – Tender – Glow
Tone – Nails – Tender

Sascha’s Designs

Let’s start with the Choices gown. If you buy one gown, you will get the Lavender one for free as a gift.

SAS - Choices Blue

SAS - Choices Bronze

All other items listed below are new releases as well.

SAS - Flash Red  SAS - Flash Tan

SAS - Joelle Vendor

SAS - Valeska HUD Dress

SAS - Fiona 1&2 Fatpack