Updates Merchants Flowerdreams and Oceane Body Design

Two of our merchants have updated their store and shared their updates with us. Let’s start with Flowerdreams.


Flowerdreams has 3 beautiful new releases up and has one color 50% discounted. I’m showing you the gowns in the discounted color and all other colors you will find in her store are regularly priced.

Melda poster blue

Victoria poster black

Francesca poster cream

Oceane Body Design

Oceane has 2 new items up for the 55L Thursday that you can still grab at her store.

~Oceane~ Bardot eyeshadow Praline

~Oceane~ Lips & Liner Lip Plumper Just Kissed 8

Ever ‘An Angel

Ever ‘An Angels new 200L corner.

Rhaeny's Corner March 8

Ever An’ Angel Sweet Silk Dress, Orchid
Ever an Angel OC Strappy silk pump – Magenta
Ever An’ Angel, “Paint” Jewelry, “Lakes” Necklace
Even An’ Angel “Paint” Jewelry, “Lakes” Left Bracelet
Ever An Angel, Spell Weaver’s Leggins, Alchemist

Tone Autumnal – Day Firefly/Sheer Mauve Combo
Tone – Fresh Optional Eye Liner
Tone – Fresh Mani SLink Nail Hud, Innocent

Groovy Baby! I’m feeling in the pink as I go out for a Spring jaunt in the sweet silk dress, paired with some soft, bright leggings. I return the smiles of passersby as I swing through the park, the music of the street makes my feet dance down the pavement. People join me in the impromptu street dance, and the day goes from beautiful to glorious as me and all my new friends enjoy the day. Play on!


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