Updates Merchants Jewels Isle

We have 2 merchants who have updated their store the past week. Even ‘An Angel and Poet’s Heart. Let’s begin with Poet’s Heart.

Poet’s Heart

Poet’s Heart has released her 100% original mesh Morrigan gown to Jewels Isle and what a beauty this is. Morrigan is available in 14 colors.


Ever ‘An Angel

Ever ‘An Angel has updated her store with a new release AND a new 200L corner. Spring is in the air and you can sense that at Ever ‘An Angel.

Picture yourself strolling along a European seaside village taking in the warm delectable breezes in an outfit that makes you as gorgeous as the scenery around you!

Ever An’ Angel brings you Coastal Capris and Blouse Outfits in 9 sun-soaked shades and coordinating casual heels (sold separately)

Ever An' Angel - Coastal Capris & Blouse Outfit - Coral Reef

Ever An' Angel - Coastal Capris & Blouse Outfit - Sandstone

And last but certainly not least, the 200L corner! This is always one of my favorites to put on this blog because it’s renewed weekly and great for ladies with a budget.

Angel's Complete Corner March - 200L


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