Our Annual Eater Egg Hunt is about to commence!

Jewels Isle Easter Egg Hunt Poster 2015

Dear Readers,

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt will start tomorrow till April 12th so come on down to Jewels Isle to grab all those amazing hunt items by participating stores.

Zuri Jewelry has 2 hunts going on. One for her group members only and one for the public. Hunt egg costs 10LD. The first set below is free for group members to hunt.

Zuri Jewelry

Hints: 1: It’s where you’d expect to find an Easter Egg. 2: You’re bright! 3: Journey past the griffin to find the egg. 4: You’re greatly loved, and not just on the third floor.

Easter Egg Hunt- Group- Serenity Zuri Jewelry

The set below by Zuri’s is for everyone to hunt and 10LD. All other hunt items by participating stores is listed below and is 10LD.

1: A tisket, a tasket, Easter’s in a basket. 2: It’s our gift to you. 3: Our Blogger Shazzy is OutStanding in her field. 4: Surprise! Finding this is a piece of ‘cake.

April Elite Jewelry Collection Easter Egg Hunt

Styles by Danielle

DANIELLE Bandana Red - Easter Hunt

Sascha’s Designs

SAS - Joan Orange

CST Designs

CST Designs Summer Breeze Hunt Gift

Oceane Body Designs

Oceane - Super Model lipstick_ Deep Red Gold

Jumo Fashion

Abyssinian Sandals Red

Marianela’s Art in Fashion


Ever ‘An Angel

Ever An' Angel - Blossom Blouse - Peach - Jewel Isle Hunt


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