Updates Merchants Sascha’s Designs, Ever ‘An Angel & Jumo Fashion on Jewels Isle

Sascha’s Designs


SAS - Athens Red

SAS - Atlanta Fuchsia

SAS - Chantal Black

New Releases

SAS - Alaria No. 1 Vendor

SAS - Firenze No. 2 Dress

If you purchase the outfit below called Pleasure Midnight, send Sascha frangilli  the transaction history and they can send to a friend or themselves, the Pleasure Midnight tuxedo. It comes in a male and female version.

SAS - Pleasure Midnight

Ever ‘An Angel

Ever ‘An Angel has a new group gift out! I can say by experience, this is a must have.

Ever An' Angel April Group Gift - Picnic Sun Dress

Also another 200L corner has been added yesterday.

Kass' Corner March 2015

Jumo Fashion

Jumo has released hair! And in all colors of the rainbow and beyond. Below I’m showing you 2 of them. All other colors can be found in her store on Jewels Isle.

Lolita Hair Browns

Lolita Hair Color Ombres


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