Updates Merchants Jewels Isle and Blogger of the Month

In today’s blog we have a couple of updates from our merchants on Jewels Isle and we have incorporated the Blogger of the Month award to show some extra appreciation to our bloggers. Last but not least, I’m passing the torch to Serenity Couerblanc who will be in charge of this blog, the bloggers and the mall after April 25th. I’ve had an amazing time this past 1,5 year for Zuri’s but it’s time for me to try new things and see where they take me. Zuri has been my friend from day one and will always be. I love her, admire her and me resigning has nothing… absolutely nothing to do with this decision.

Blogger of the Month

Terry Grauman. A blogger who’s been with us for a while now. This is one of her best shots we have picked out to show to you of the Serenity Collection.


We also have updates from 3 of our merchants on Jewels Isle. CST Designs, ZOZ and Styles by Danielle.

CST Designs

The items below come in more colors. We show you a couple of examples.

CST Designs Fadia Beige Vendor

CST Designs Fadia Wistera Vendor

CST Designs Twi Gold Vendor

CST Designs Twi Navy Vendor


ZOZ has done a big update in her store. Below some example and also showing you her 50% off items.

-{ZOZ}- Alice Valentine Heels - Black pix

-{ZOZ}- Glitterheart - Carnation pix

-{ZOZ}- Natural Touch French Pix

-{ZOZ}- Spring Solids 2015 pix

The 2 items below are discounted 50%.

-{ZOZ}- Fiona Heels - pearl pix 50 off

-{ZOZ}- Love Polish Huds pix 50 off

Styles by Danielle

The items below come in more colors. We show you a couple of examples.


DANIELLE Sanny Fuchsia


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