Month: July 2015

End of July specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

55L Thursday

Dangle Me Beautiful Earrings- Black Opal Dangle Me Beautiful Necklace- Black Opal

Steals & Deals ( Available 10pmslt Wednesday)

Tiara of the Mist-Ruby-Diamond-Gold Tiara of the Mist- Peridot-Diamond-Gold

Sale Price: L$299, Regular Price: L$ 599                     Sale Price: L$299, Regular Price: L$ 599

Mist- Head Piece-Diadem-Sapphire-Diamond

Sale Price: L$162, Regular Price: L$ 325


Current specials and some new items around Jewels Isle

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in getting the current specials online at the usual time. This post is bursting with exciting specials and new releases from lots of stores located at Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District so let’s get to the photos and details.

Zuri Jewelry

55L Specials

 Star Fishy Collection by Zuri Rayna  Unisex Panther Tooth Mesh Necklace 55L Zuri Jewelry

Victorian Lace Jewelry Set

Steals & Deals

Czarina Turquoise-Diamond-Pewter Pearl-Zuri Rayna Jewelry   Equestrian Cameo Collection- Zuri Jewelry

Regular price: 625 L$ – Sale price: 312               Regular price: 599 L$ – Sale price: 299

Kastle Rock / Mirage

60L Offers

DISPLAY-BelindaGown-Wine  DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Lavender

DISPLAY-Kensey-Zebra  DISPLAY-AnimalSkinWrapTop-Zebra

Ever An’ Angel

Kass’s Corner- 200L Offer

I was going to explore a glen in Ireland and thought of the colors of the ruins and decided on jeans and a lighthearted dress would go great !

So I picked Angel’s favorite color……purple. I hope you love it too!

Kass's Corner - July 2015

Includes: Ever an Angel Lighthearted dress – Lilac
Ever an Angel Lighthearted shoes -lilac
Mystic Jeans silver -Plum
mixed messages # 6
Tone M&P Hud- Fresh impatient

NEW- The Finesse Gown

Summer deepens. The days are more lazy and the nights more steamy. Now is the time for sultry. For glowing in the moonlight (because Angels, NEVER sweat!).

Your hair is put up in haste, but looks perfect. The pearls your grandmother gave you come out to warm against your balmy, sun kissed skin.
You are languid, you are elegant. While others may struggle to beat the heat, you embrace it with passion,      and Finesse.

Available in 9 glorious colors, here are just a few.

Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Noir Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Seamist

Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Moss Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Damson

Styles by Danielle

New- Lindy Lingerie

 DANIELLE AD Lindy lingerie

Lindy lingerie comes in five colors and each color is available as four vendors:

1) Standard SL Avatar Clothing Layers
2) Standard SL Avatar Clothing Layers + Appliers all-in-one layer
3) Maitreya Mesh Body Applier/HUD with six options for wearing (NO Standard layers)
4) Belleza Mesh Body Applier/HUD with six options for wearing (NO Standard layers)

Each vendor contains sheer ruffles, so it is a complete outfit you get in each of them. You only need to choose if you wish to have appliers or not.

DANIELLE Lindy Red Appliers And Classic   DANIELLE Lindy Blue Appliers And Classic

DANIELLE Lindy Beige Appliers And Classic DANIELLE Lindy White Appliers And Classic

Mid July update at Jewels Isle

Zuri Jewelry

We have a NEW release , an exciting elite version of the Mist collection. This has been released in a delicate coral version, I thought I would remind you with a few pictures:

Mist Head Piece-Diadem-Coral-Diamond Mist-Necklace & Earrings Set-Coral-Diamond

Now the Elite version: available as a full collection or separate pieces.

Mist Elite Full Collection-Metals,Gems & Pearl Changing

Mist Elite Bracelets Mist Elite Belly Jewel-All Changing

Mist Diadem Elite (Metals,Gems & Pearl Changing) Mist Elite- Necklace & Earrings Set

As a  gift Zuri Rayna has prepared a special variation ONLY available at the Gull’s Wing Sailing Sim.

Mist Earrings Gift -Sapphire-Gold- Gift from Zuri Rayna Jewelry

SLurl to Gull’s Wing Sailing Club and Soft Jazz:

55L Thursday

Earth Tones Bracelet (L) Arabian Nights Series Earth Tones Bracelet (L) Moss Agate Earth Tones Bracelet (L) Parrot Opal

Steals & Deals ( Available Thursday 10pm SLT)

Ariel Head Piece- Alexandrite-Diamond Ariel Head Piece-Topaz-Sapphire Quartz-Diamond

Ariel Head Piece- Mauve Fire Opal-Merlot Pearls Ariel Head Piece- Ice Blue Diamond-Baby Blue Pearl

 Sale Price :L$ 199 each / Regular price :L$ 399 each

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

60L Offers still available

DISPLAY-BelindaGown-White DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Coral

DISPLAY-AnimalSkinWrapTop-Crocodile DISPLAY-Kensey-Tribal

Ever An’ Angel

I wanted to run out to have lunch with my friends, and didn’t know what to wear. Luckily, I have a closet full of Ever An’ Angel goodies, and I pulled out this delicate lace blouse and paired it with the floral skirt, I was almost there. Threw on a necklace from last year and stepped into shoes from the Paisley dress,  checked myself in the mirror, and smiled.

I stepped out with confidence, and felt classy and sexy as I always feel in clothes from Ever An’ Angel.

Rhaeny's Complete Corner Outfit 200L - July 15

Rhaenys’ Complete Corner- 200L includes:

Ever An’ Angel – Tea Length Spring Frock Bodice – White
Ever An’ Angel – Garden Dayz Skirt – Lilac
Ever An’ Angel – Picnic Wedges Plain – Hyacinth
Ever An’ Angel – SOL Fete Jewelry -Grape Soda – Necklace

TONE Mixed Message Eye & Lip – 8
TONE- Mixed Message Lips – 6 (add layer)
TONE Omni Mani & Pedi Hud – Sky Duo Nails

New specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

Countdown Sales

Sale 50%~Soul Seeker-Raw Ruby-Gold-Special

Regular price: 425 L$ – Sale price: 249- Just over a day left at this low price!

50% Reg 999L~Aphrodite Goddess of Love Ruby_Onyx Ring

Regular price: L$999 – Sale price: 499 L$

Zuri Jewelry~Noel-White Opal_Champagne 50% off

Regular price: 599 L$ – Sale price: 299 L$

 55 L Thursday

Venice Rose Ruby Necklace 55L

Venice Rose Ruby Earrings 55L Venice Rose Ruby Bracelet 55L

Countess Dusk by Zuri Jewelry

Steals & Deals ( Available Thursday 10pm SLT)

 Vintage Comb & Earrings Set-Aqua Marine-Opal   Vintage Comb & Earrings Set-Lava-Rose

                            Sale Price: L$99                                                            Sale Price: L $99

                            Regular Price: L$425                                                    Regular Price: L$ 425

Vintage Comb & Earrings Set-Red Jasper-Onyx

Sale Price: L$99
Regular Price: L$425

Important Update to the Jewel of the Isle photo contest

Jewel Of the Isle Poster

With one month over of our 3 month photo contest a few issues have appeared, so we are updating the format and clarifying the rules.

♣ The contest runs from June through to the end of August, at the end of August a panel will choose the finalists based on their photo entries.

♣ A runway show will be held for the final round in September , no previous modeling experience required as we will support the finalists to prepare .

♣ You may enter as many photos you like as long as they meet the requirements.

1. Each photo MUST show items from 3 STORES located on Jewels Isle Sim. The names of these stores must be included in the details section of your photo entry.
( Hopefully this reduces confusion over what is classified as an item )

2.Each photo MUST include something from Zuri Jewelry. This can be a single piece, such as a crown, or a full set.  Therefore Zuri Jewelry can be counted as one of your STORES shown in the photo. We will not accept photos with jewelry from other stores.

3. You can include ONE group gift/ free item in a photo but you must note that it was free in the details .

Any questions please send a notecard or IM to Serenity Couerblanc or Laura (arualblues)

Asherah Crowns at Zuri Jewelry and Updates around the Jewels Isle Mall

Zuri Jewelry

The regal Asherah crowns are available in store in a range of metals and gems, a small selection are pictured below.

Zuri Rayna~Asherah Crown- Ruby_Gold TransferPIC Zuri Rayna-Asherah Crown-Black Dia-Turquoise_Dia_Steel TransPIC

Zuri Rayna-Asherah Crown-Diamond_Citrine_Gold TransferPIC Zuri Rayna-Asherah Crown-Emerald_Diamond_Light Gold TransferPIC

Marianela’s Art in Fashion

Clothing compatible with mesh avatars Belleza-Maitreya




And for something more formal for wearing with mesh or classic avatars.


FlowerDreams Designs

Nilessima gowns

Nilessima poster lovers sunset Nilessima poster midnight dream

Nilessima poster sweet dawn Nilessima poster sunset fire

Queen of Dreams

Queen of dreams poster black Queen of dreams poster white

Queen of dreams poster red

Elements gowns

Elements earth poster Elements wind poster

Elements water poster Elements fire poster

Ever An’ Angel

Heading down to the coast to do some shopping and hanging out with friends. This outfit is perfect for that sunny yet relaxing look.

Q's Complete 200L Corner Outfit - July

Q’s Complete corner- 200L includes:

Garden Dayz Top – Aster
Garden Dayz Necklace = Aster
Sandpiper Jeans – Deep Blue Sea
Simplicity Sandals – Apricot
Tone – Mixers – 3B
Tone – Silver Chevron HUD

Week 1 July Specials and Updates

Zuri Jewelry

55L Thursday

Cord Bracelets- Gold Leather Cord Bracelets-Sterling Leather Cord Bracelets-Teal Leather

Steals & Deals ( Available Thursday 10pm SLT)

Embrace Collection- Peridot_Gold

 Sale Price: L$ 262  /      Regular Price:L$ 525

  Heart of the Sea V3 Sapphire-Diamond Set

   Sale Price: L$ 299/ Regular Price: L$599

Tennis Collection Elite- Zuri Jewelry Fall Collections

Sale Price: L$499/ Regular Price: L$1050

Ever An’ Angel

It’s summer! And you are out there soaking up all the adventure you can, hiking, climbing, marathon shopping at Ever’s, but you know, that’s no reason you can’t look fabulous! Pairing up the Picnic Sun Dress, with the feminine Light Hearted Jeans, and slipping into a pair of the simplicity sandals you are ready to go! And as you scramble over the sun warmed boulders, you’ll be a delightful addition to the scenery! Just don’t break one of your well manicured nails!

Summer's Corner June 2015

Summer’s Corner – L$200 includes:

Picnic Sun Dress- Sand
Light Hearted Jeans- Coral
Simplicity Sandals- Apricot
Tone Mixed Message #16
Tone Rich M & P -Epidote

CST Designs

New release – 5 styles available

CST Designs Cantik Display 1 CST DEsigns Cantik White VEndor

CST Designs Cantik Powder Pink Vendor CST DEsigns Cantik White VEndor