Important Update to the Jewel of the Isle photo contest

Jewel Of the Isle Poster

With one month over of our 3 month photo contest a few issues have appeared, so we are updating the format and clarifying the rules.

♣ The contest runs from June through to the end of August, at the end of August a panel will choose the finalists based on their photo entries.

♣ A runway show will be held for the final round in September , no previous modeling experience required as we will support the finalists to prepare .

♣ You may enter as many photos you like as long as they meet the requirements.

1. Each photo MUST show items from 3 STORES located on Jewels Isle Sim. The names of these stores must be included in the details section of your photo entry.
( Hopefully this reduces confusion over what is classified as an item )

2.Each photo MUST include something from Zuri Jewelry. This can be a single piece, such as a crown, or a full set.  Therefore Zuri Jewelry can be counted as one of your STORES shown in the photo. We will not accept photos with jewelry from other stores.

3. You can include ONE group gift/ free item in a photo but you must note that it was free in the details .

Any questions please send a notecard or IM to Serenity Couerblanc or Laura (arualblues)


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