Month: August 2015

August week 4 Updates and Specials at Jewels Isle

Zuri Jewelry

Steals & Deals ( available 10pm SLT Wednesday)

Sarah Copper Haze Sarah Jade Onyx Collection

Sale Price: L$L$299                                                 Sale Price: L$L$299

      Regular Price: L$499                                              Regular Price: L$499

55L Thursday

Copper Haze Sun Ring Sun Ring Jade Onyx Gold

Knotted Rose 2 Zuri Rayna

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

60L Offers

DISPLAY-Gina-Ruffle DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-White

DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Red DISPLAY-Flutterby-Leaf

Marianela’s Art in Fashion

New in store

woman in gold woman SILVER

Styles by Danielle

Livia is a mesh dress, with a HUD for changing textures. A great dress for Summer and to feel comfortable during your busy day.
DEMO is available.


Ever An’ Angel

Fall is almost here, but the last days of summer linger in this cute outfit. The cute jeans in plum and the top, kept from last summer, and sweet sweet sandals.

It’s great to walk into the woods on a crisp, late summer day, a bit contemplative a bit romantic, Oh the places you go!

Rhae's Complete Corner - August

Rhae’s Complete Corner for 200L , includes:

Ever An’ Angel – Gauze and Effect – Sandals – Haight Ashbury
Ever An’ Angel – Mystic jeans Fitmesh – Plum Gold
Ever An Angel – Tangier Outfit – Mint Combo
Ever An’ Angel – Tidal Pearl Earrings – 4 Water
Ever An’ Angel – Tidal Pearl Necklace – 4Water
Ever An’ Angel – Tidal Pearl Belly Ring – 4Water
TONE makeup – Mixed Message – Eye & Lip – 15


New weekly specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

It is amazing to think how close we are to the end of August already, that means we are almost at the end of the photo part of the Jewel of the Isle contest. If you haven’t entered you have until midnight on 31st August to get your photo/s into the Flickr group :   or on a notecard to Serenity Couerblanc or Laura ( auralblues).

Steals & Deals ( available 10pm SLT Wednesday)

Elvis Ring Replica- Ruby-Steel Globe Necklace Blue-Black Opal-Pewter

     Sale Price: L$199                                                          Sale Price: L$149

           Regular Price: L$399                                                  Regular Price: L$325

Butterfly Earrings Jade-Creme

    Sale Price: L$25

           Regular Price: L$225

55L Thursday

Diamonds & Pearls Earrings-Pink Ruby-Sterling Diamonds & Pearls Mocha-Gold Earrings

Diamonds & Pearls- Earrings-Aqua-Sterling

Updates and specials around Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District

Today we have updates at Kastle Rock/ Mirage, Ever An’ Angel and Sascha’s Designs.

First let’s head to Sascha’s Designs as the store is bursting with lots of new items.

Sascha’s Designs

Sybil gown

SAS - Sybil Pink Mist SAS - Sybil Snow White

SAS - Sybil Blanched Almond SAS - Sybil Butter Mint

SAS - Sybil Lipstick Red


SAS - Nadine No. 1 HUD SAS - Nadine No. 2 HUD

Jungle boots

SAS - Jungle SnakeSAS - Jungle Wild Dog

SAS - Jungle Leopard SAS - Jungle Brown Croco

SAS - Jungle Black CrocoSAS - Jungle Spotted Hyena

SAS - Jungle Black Snake


SAS - Marchesa Black SAS - Marchesa Gold SAS - Marchesa WhiteSAS - Marchesa Latte

SAS - Marchesa Aqua SAS - Marchesa Blush


SAS - Printemps Lavender SAS - Printemps YellowHaze

SAS - Printemps Pink SAS - Printemps Bluebell

Ever An’ Angel

I put on my treasure top from my paint nautical nostalgia outfit and slipped on my skinnies from the let’s walk collection – found a nice collection while treasure hunting!

Mini's Complete Corner August 2015

Mini’s Complete Corner- 200 L,  includes:

Paint 2015 – Nautical Nostalgia – Top – Treasure
Let’s Walk Skinnies – For Coffee
Gauze & Effects Sandals – Berkley
Tone – Mixed Message – 13

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

60L offers

DISPLAY-Vixen-Black DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Tealight

DISPLAY-Flutterby-Crystal DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Pink

A new week of specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

Another week of August is over half way through so it is time to bring you the new weekly offers. I have also heard that Zuri has refreshed the Lucky Chairs with over 50 new prizes available in the 5 chairs, bring your friends and family and try your luck at Zuri Jewelry:

55L Thursday

Grey Leather Bracelet-Green Boulder Opal From the Heart Ring-Blue Opal-Sterling

Steals & Deals

Sunshine Necklace & Earrings Set Blue Opal-Peridot   Sunshine Necklace & Earrings Set-Turquoise-Pink

Sale Price: L$199                                                  Sale Price: L$199

    Regular Price: L$399                                             Regular Price: L$399

New group gift at Zuri Jewelry and new offers around Jewels Isle

Zuri Jewelry

NEW Countdown offers

 Zuri Jewelry~Symphony Diamond Crystal Collection 50%

    Regular price: 625 L$ – Sale Price: 312 L$

Countdown Special 50%-Dazzling Diana's Elite  (Metal_Gemchange)

Regular price: 1050 L$ – Sale Price: 525 L$

NEW – Group gift

Zuri Rayna GIFT~Serenity Fall Earrings-Chocolate_Onyx

Ever An’ Angel

Summer’s Corner

What a lovely day as i get ready to plan my day with this cute corner outfit for fun shopping or lying around reading a book or going to see friends !!!

Put on a hat and enjoy your day!!!

Summer's Complete Corner August 2015

Summer’s complete corner – 200L includes:

Blossom blouse-Poppy
Ever An’ Angel – Blossom Heels – Poppy
mosaic visions slacks -coal
tone horizons-eyes &lips = Sicily

NEW – Group gift

Ever An' Angel Evening Stroll Gown - Aug 2015 GG

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

Current 60L Specials

DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Sky DISPLAY-Vixen-Wine

DISPLAY-Flutterby-BlueMulti DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Orange


NEW- 55L Offer

Oceane - Liquid eyes Out of this World

Weekly specials at Zuri Jewelry and an exciting new event

Zuri Jewelry

Starting on the 7th August Zuri Jewelry joins the Swank Event. This event runs on a monthly basis from the 7th until the end of the month, so you have until the 31st to shop to you heart’s content and make the most of some amazing bargains.

Zuri Jewelry at Swank, August

Every item is priced 300L or under and is COPY.

Here’s a small teaser of what Zuri Rayna has in store for you at Swank.

Charlotte Necklace & Earrings Set- Peridot-Topaz-Olive Charlotte Pearls-Chocolate-Mocha-Topaz

Charlotte Bracelet-Peridot-Topaz-Olive Charlotte Bracelet-Chocolate-Mocha-Topaz

Charlotte Ring- Chocolate-Mocha-Topaz Charlotte Ring-Peridot-Topaz-Olive

 Return to the blog tomorrow for even more Swank lovelies PLUS a picture of the free gift and the SLurl to Swank.

55L Thursday

Midieval Emerald Mens Choker & Bracelet Zuri Rayna~Mens Ring Blue Labradorite-Gold

55L Butterfly Dreams-Green Opal-Frosted Bronze Post Earrings

Steals & Deals

Symphony V2 Lava-Mocha-Gold Zuri Jewelry Vintage Bliss Set-Cobalt-Sterling- Zuri Jewelry

 Sale Price: L$ 312                                                            Sale Price: L$299
Regular Price: L$ 625                                                     Regular Price: L$ 599

Ever An’ Angel

Jenna’s Corner

Time to head out shopping in this warm and sunny ensemble!

Grab a friend and dress in Jenna’s Corner and you are ready for a day of shopping and a movie with the besties!

Jenna's Corner August 2015

Jenna’s Corner- 200L  Contains:

Tiers & Lace Dress – Buttercreme
Lady’s Linen Suit Jacket – Sunflower
Spring! Pump – Peach Bellini
Tone – Mixers – For light to Med – 01A Eyes
Tone – Mixers – For Dark Skin – 01A Lips