New group gift at Zuri Jewelry and new offers around Jewels Isle

Zuri Jewelry

NEW Countdown offers

 Zuri Jewelry~Symphony Diamond Crystal Collection 50%

    Regular price: 625 L$ – Sale Price: 312 L$

Countdown Special 50%-Dazzling Diana's Elite  (Metal_Gemchange)

Regular price: 1050 L$ – Sale Price: 525 L$

NEW – Group gift

Zuri Rayna GIFT~Serenity Fall Earrings-Chocolate_Onyx

Ever An’ Angel

Summer’s Corner

What a lovely day as i get ready to plan my day with this cute corner outfit for fun shopping or lying around reading a book or going to see friends !!!

Put on a hat and enjoy your day!!!

Summer's Complete Corner August 2015

Summer’s complete corner – 200L includes:

Blossom blouse-Poppy
Ever An’ Angel – Blossom Heels – Poppy
mosaic visions slacks -coal
tone horizons-eyes &lips = Sicily

NEW – Group gift

Ever An' Angel Evening Stroll Gown - Aug 2015 GG

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

Current 60L Specials

DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Sky DISPLAY-Vixen-Wine

DISPLAY-Flutterby-BlueMulti DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Orange


NEW- 55L Offer

Oceane - Liquid eyes Out of this World


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