Updates and specials around Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District

Today we have updates at Kastle Rock/ Mirage, Ever An’ Angel and Sascha’s Designs.

First let’s head to Sascha’s Designs as the store is bursting with lots of new items.

Sascha’s Designs

Sybil gown

SAS - Sybil Pink Mist SAS - Sybil Snow White

SAS - Sybil Blanched Almond SAS - Sybil Butter Mint

SAS - Sybil Lipstick Red


SAS - Nadine No. 1 HUD SAS - Nadine No. 2 HUD

Jungle boots

SAS - Jungle SnakeSAS - Jungle Wild Dog

SAS - Jungle Leopard SAS - Jungle Brown Croco

SAS - Jungle Black CrocoSAS - Jungle Spotted Hyena

SAS - Jungle Black Snake


SAS - Marchesa Black SAS - Marchesa Gold SAS - Marchesa WhiteSAS - Marchesa Latte

SAS - Marchesa Aqua SAS - Marchesa Blush


SAS - Printemps Lavender SAS - Printemps YellowHaze

SAS - Printemps Pink SAS - Printemps Bluebell

Ever An’ Angel

I put on my treasure top from my paint nautical nostalgia outfit and slipped on my skinnies from the let’s walk collection – found a nice collection while treasure hunting!

Mini's Complete Corner August 2015

Mini’s Complete Corner- 200 L,  includes:

Paint 2015 – Nautical Nostalgia – Top – Treasure
Let’s Walk Skinnies – For Coffee
Gauze & Effects Sandals – Berkley
Tone – Mixed Message – 13

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

60L offers

DISPLAY-Vixen-Black DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Tealight

DISPLAY-Flutterby-Crystal DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Pink


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