New weekly specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

It is amazing to think how close we are to the end of August already, that means we are almost at the end of the photo part of the Jewel of the Isle contest. If you haven’t entered you have until midnight on 31st August to get your photo/s into the Flickr group :   or on a notecard to Serenity Couerblanc or Laura ( auralblues).

Steals & Deals ( available 10pm SLT Wednesday)

Elvis Ring Replica- Ruby-Steel Globe Necklace Blue-Black Opal-Pewter

     Sale Price: L$199                                                          Sale Price: L$149

           Regular Price: L$399                                                  Regular Price: L$325

Butterfly Earrings Jade-Creme

    Sale Price: L$25

           Regular Price: L$225

55L Thursday

Diamonds & Pearls Earrings-Pink Ruby-Sterling Diamonds & Pearls Mocha-Gold Earrings

Diamonds & Pearls- Earrings-Aqua-Sterling


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