Month: September 2015

Update merchant Ever ‘n Angel


Jenna was late with her corner this week!  She wont be next time!  Bwahahahaha

Jennas Complete Corner Outfit - Sept

Layers of Meaning Sweater – Intent
Vested Interest Trousers – Slate
Tone – Enigma- 13
Tone – Rich Colors – Midnight

Lindens 200 sold by Ever An’Angel




Amber Sun Earrings V2 55L Zuri JewelryAmber Sun Earrings 55L Zuri Jewelry

Amber Sun Pendant- 55L Zuri Jewelry

Taxi here :


Available Thursday at 10 pm SL time!

Sale Price: L$ 349 Regular Price: L$ 625

Sale Price: L$ 349
Regular Price: L$ 625


Sale Price: L$ 149 Regular Price: L$ 299

Sale Price: L$ 149
Regular Price: L$ 299


Sale Price: L$449 Regular Price: L$899

Sale Price: L$449
Regular Price: L$899

Taxi here :


Fifty5 Thursday are here

Soul Seeker - Orange Fire Opal - Necklace Soul Seeker-Fire Opal Orange-Earrings

Original complete set price: 200 L$

Steals and Deals

Available tonight at 10 pm SL time!

Aurora Coral-Gold Jewelry Set- Zuri RaynaSale Price: L$299
Regular Price: L$599

Czarina Bracelet- Aqua-PinkSale Price: L$L$99
Regular Price: L$325

Serenity Collection- Baby Blue Sapphire Diamond

Sale Price: L$399
Regular Price: L$799

————— ೋღ❤ღೋ ——————

News from Jewels Isle!

MeriVale – New Gown 50% off


Only 200 L$ for a limited time!

Oceane – 55 L$ Thursday

Oceane - Liquid eyes Lipari

The Twisted Hunt is on, and Zuri Jewelry is official sponsor!

We’re very excited to be participating -and sponsoring- the Twisted Hunt for the first time.

The Twisted Hunt is a month-long, grid-wide treasure hunt featuring some of the best, most talented, and most twisted designers on the grid. It’s reportedly the toughest, and also the coolest hunt in SL.

Twisted Hunt Poster with Sponsors

Want to learn more? Come to Zuri’s and click on the Twisted Kiosk to learn more!

For the ladies: Twisted Dawn Necklace

Zuri Jewelry~Twisted Dawn Necklace - Twisted Hunt Fall 2015

For the Gents: Twisted Leather Bracelets

Zuri Rayna~Twisted Hunt Unisex Leather Cuffs

Found decoys? Don’t despair! One of them mayyy or may not have a little gift inside!

Twisted Head Piece- Twisted Hunt-Zuri Jewelry

Jewels Isle Shopping District Updates

Kastle Rock – Mirage New 60 L$ Sales



DISPLAY-Gina-Eyelet DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Darks-HotPinks

Ever An’ Angel New Complete Corner – 200 L$

Kass's Complete Corner September 2015

See our Flickr, Facebook, Moolto, Marketplace, or just come over and let us tempt you!

✽ڿڰۣ—. Hugs from Zuri Rayna and Staff .ڿڰۣ—✽

It’s that time of the week again – Fantastic sales at Zuri Jewelry!

Fifty-5 Thursdays arrived again!

Zuri Rayna~Webbed Topaz Golden Earrings 55L Zuri Rayna~Webbed Earrings- Parrot Opal 55L

Wonderful Steals & Deals!

Freshly arrived from last Swank event, our new Ariel Cobalt Collection

Ariel Necklace & Earrings-Cobalt-Diamond

Regular Price: L$499 ~ Sale Price: L$299

Ariel Diadem-Cobalt-Diamond Ariel Bracelet- Cobalt-Diamond

        Regular Price: L$325 – Sale Price: L$199             Regular Price: L$325 – Sale Price: L$L$199

Czarina Peacock-Aqua Opal-Pink MVW

Regular Price: L$625 – Sale Price: L$312

Fall is in the air at Jewels Isle!

Zuri Jewelry & Staff Welcome you all to

Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District Fall Event!

September 15th – October

Final Poster Jewels Isle Autumn Events SimWide3

Wonderful sales!

Hunt Items ranging from 0 – 25 L$

Cart Sales: At least one 99 L$ item or less – All the rest discounted!

Zuri Jewelry

Hunt Items!

Hunt Zuri Jewelry Autumn 2015-2

Hunt Items are 1 L$ group members – only 25 L$ for everyone else!

Mist Necklace- Fire Agate-Mayan Mist Diadem- Fire Agate-Mayan

Hint: I “proposed” when you put a “spell” on me                   Hint: “Storm of Fire” reversed

Mist Earrings- Fire Agate-Mayan Mist Bracelet- Fire Agate-Mayan-Left

 Hint: Live your life like a “Candles in the Wind”         Hint: These boots are made for walkin’

Mist Bracelet- Fire Agate-Mayan-Right Unisex Aviator Cuffs -Teal_Sterling

  Hint: More than just a string of “old” pearls      Hint: Mr. “panther” doesn’t worry about cavities

Zuri’s Courtyard Sale Cart Sales

Charlotte Pearls-Chocolate-Mocha-Topaz Charlotte Necklace & Earrings Set- Peridot-Topaz-Olive

Charlotte Bracelet-Chocolate-Mocha-Topaz Charlotte Bracelet-Peridot-Topaz-Olive

Charlotte Ring- Chocolate-Mocha-Topaz Charlotte Ring-Peridot-Topaz-Olive

Gala Mayan~ Zuri Jewelry Tennis Jewelry Collection Jade Emerald

Czarina Peacock-Peridot-Gold-Mocha Noel-Amber Champagne-Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Men's Diamond Bracelet & Stud Earrings Phaedra Ruby-Chocolate-Gold


CST Designs

Hunt Item


Hint: It’s becoming Breezy

Cart Sales

CST Designs Peacock VEndor CST Designs Color Burst Gown Vendor


Ever An’ Angel

Hunt Item

Ever An' Angel - Salem - Eventide - Hunt Gift

Hint: Sheep like leaves

Cart Sales

Ever An' Angel Cart Sale @ Zuri!

Over 30 items 99 L$ each!


Flower Dreams Creations

Hunt Item

_ Dalila poster gold

Cart Sales

Adriana poster red Adriana poster white black

They include appliers for mesh bodies and system layers for classic avis!


JuMo Fashion and Beauty

Hunt Item

Taraglia Versa Dress Temptation Dress Red

          Hint: Fashion moves on this hunt               Hint: To reach your status look high to the sky

Cart Sales

Glam Set Glam Set3

Beyan Gold Dress Beyan Dress Red

Ashley Dress Green Ashley Dress Black

More colors available!


Marianela’s Art in Fashion

Hunt Item

Marianela's Silver roses Bracelet hunt item

Hint: Just follow the brush strokes; Van Gogh has nothing on us, folks!

Cart Sales

Marianela's Linda Violet 99 L$ Marianela's Diana - Pink

And something for the Gentlemen!

Marianela's Complete Gatsby Outfit White_Gray


MeriVale Designs

Hunt Item

Merivale- Casual Capris

Cart Sale

Merivale- Heart of Gold


Oceane Body Design

Hunt Item

Oceane~Jelly Bean Blueberry Lemon Eyeshadow

Cart Sales

Oceane - Pippi Make-up Gold-Purple Oceane - Jungle Cat Make-up Fuchsia Oceane - Dare Red Wreck Full Make-up


Styles by Danielle

Hunt Item

DANIELLE Mims Pants Blue

Hint: Blends with wallpaper border

Cart Sale

DANIELLE Romance Purple


ZOZ – Nail polish

Hunt Item

-{ZOZ}- Fall Pumpkin hunt pix

Cart Sale

-{ZOZ}- Fall leaves in natural pix


Kaerri’s Mesh Furnishings

Hunt Item

Kaerri's Hunt Item- Jewels Isle

Cart Sale

Kaerri's Mesh Furnishing- Courtyard & Inside Sales!


Sascha’s Designs

Hunt Item

SAS - Pixie Beige Hunt Item

Hint: Find me next at the Yellow Flowers

Cart Sales

SAS - Pippa Black SAS - Bridget Red Coat

SAS - Bisou Blue Jacket SAS - Beatriz Beige


Poet’s Heart – Fantasy Clothing

Hunt Item

Poet's Heart - Aradia Headpiece

Hint: Elminster, Raistlin Majere and Severus Snape went shopping. If only they’d been ladies…

Cart Sales

Poet's Heart - Teyla - Berry

Poet's Heart - Ocean Soul - Breeze from the Sea Poet's Heart - Eleya's Song - Glade



Hunt Item


Cart Sales


Briony-750-Blk Hanky-Panky-Green