Sascha Designs

Updates Jewels Isle Merchants Sascha Designs & Ever An’ Angel

Both Sascha Designs (who has a big fashion show this coming Saturday at 12.00 pm SLT) as Ever An’ Angel have updated their stores on Jewels Isle. Below some previews of the items you can purchase.


All the designs below are available in a ray of different color options.

SAS - Carmen WhitePink & ChocoPink
SAS - Claudia No. 1 HUD Skirt
SAS - Ottilie Champagne Moss
SAS - Amour No. 1 HUD Dress
SAS - Moniqa HUD Dress
SAS - Yael No. 1 Tops

SAS - Jesa Black
SAS - Zahara Tan


The designs shown below are available in a ray of different colors.

Ever An' Angel - Sunday Afternoon - Blouse & Skinny Jeans - map

Ever An' Angel Spell Weaver's Tunic& Leggins - Mystic

Ever An' Angel - Crisp Autumn Day - Wrap Cardi Outfit - Evening
Ever An' Angel - Autumn Silk Gown - Copper